Open spaces,
open roads,
rivers galore,
blue skies and

Live in Korla~
Korla is one of the best China cities to live in! Korla is known for their famous juicy pears, great weather, clean air, and having a large oil industry. Since 2010 Korla has grown tremendously. Businesses are growing, sky-rises are constantly popping up, new schools are opening, new sport arenas are being played on, people are reading in the brand new library, and restaurants are showing up on every corner. Overall, Korla is expanding rapidly. The Bayingolin Government is investing a lot of energy, time, and resources to make Korla one of the great cities of the West and they are doing a great job at it!

Study in Korla~
Currently Korla has two vocational schools (trade schools). One’s primary focus is technology and the other, teaching. Both schools offer classes in Chinese language for 10-16 credits per week. Foreign students have been studying at both colleges for many years and students have a good rapport with staff and teachers.
At each school there is a Foreign Affairs person. This person is known as the “wai ban” (外班)and helps foreign students with visas and paper work, registering with the local and provincial government and the school, and coordinates Chinese language classes. The “wai ban” also overseas everything you do during your time as a student and will look after you in any way he/she can.

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