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FIBC has already served 15 foreign invested companies with their business setting up in different cities on the Ancient Silk Road of China. We have local coworkers in different cities to help your business as a faithful liaison. If you want to set up a business in China, it may not work well like a computer "step-by-step-clicks" if you simply follow a "step by step" guidelines because of some invisible reasons, for example, foreign investors sometimes also break the law related to invoice or tax or pays some tax that are not obligated to pay from not knowing the exact regulations in China. Our company also are learning every day from serving different clients to ensure we could do our best to serve your business.

China economy is becoming more prosperous, our company cares about a good relationship between business and government, we help our customer avoid doing anything related to bribe or corruption in a wise way, as far as we know, none of our customers has ever done any bribe or corruption in the past years, and their business goes well. It is important to make sure our customers NOT ONLY obey the law BUT ALSO use the law in China to keep business moving in a healthy and profiting way.

We customize a specific service plan for our customer according to the exact industry and many other factors. If you need our service, please contact us anytime at

Business that we serve:

1.) Aksu – Agriculture-Cherry (USA)
2.) Korla – Business Consulting (USA)
3.) Xi’an – Agriculture Consulting (USA)

4.) Kashgar – Baby food (UK)
5.) Korla – Architecture (USA)
6.) Turpan – Fertilizer production (CA)
7.) Urumqi – Air Purifier Sales (USA)

8.) Urumqi – Sports Coaching (USA)
9.) Kuche – Feed Indurstry (Netherland)
10.) Aksu – Western Café (USA)
11.) Guangxi – Trade Company (USA, IN, FR)

2016 (to serve)
12.) Urumqi – Fitness Gym (USA)
13.) Urumqi – Home Improvement (USA)
14.) Korla – Guitar Manufacturing (CR, USA)
15.) Kuche – Hydroponics / Aquaponics (AU)


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