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In a market flooded with mass-produced garments, a small but growing number of consumers, retailers, and designers are looking for quality, handmade garments. FIBC recently began bridging the gap between a retailer in Seattle, WA and skilled artisan tailors in China. Our customer, Purpose Boutique, is a small retail chain concerned with providing apparel and accessories that are produced in a conscientious manner from start to finish. We provide consulting, translation, and logistics assistance to Purpose Boutique in their production of handmade women’s clothing for sale in their boutiques.

CLEAR: From culture to sizing differences we strive to ensure crystal clear communication between our customer and the tailors.

CONCISE: We strive to see our customer’s deadlines met in a timely fashion, providing concise guidance and direction regarding production and logistics.

CORRECT: From orders, to translations, to legal advice we strive to ensure our customer has the correct information, that local artisans are paid a living wage, and that clothing is produced according to quality standards.

For more information please contact us or visit Purpose Boutique’s website at

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